Board of Education

Inspiration and Leadership are valuable assets for our local School Boards.  Each year, November 15th marks the official statewide observance of School Board Members Day in Illinois.  The day is an opportunity to show support for your board of education members who are committed to providing a local voice for your educational decisions.  School Board Members Day is an occasion to recognize board members who serve as unpaid volunteers for the benefit of the students and community residents, acting as front-line education advocates providing a local voice and vision for the district.  While continuing to ensure students have quality learning opportunities, board members must also consider their decisions in terms of the health and safety of students, teachers, and community members.  As a community, we meet challenges head-on and rise in the face of adversity.  We come together when faced with difficulties, and we succeed by working together with a focus on our primary goal: providing a quality education to each and every student of the district.  We owe it to our children and our students - the future leaders of our community and country - to do everything in our power to provide them with the opportunities of success.  We would like you to recognize our school board members on November 15th, Illinois School Board Members Day.  Greg Wright, President, Lesley Pace, Vice President, Matthew Erbstoesser, Secretary, Rick Czepczynski, Barbara Dochterman, Nikki Misiura and Amanda Weiss.