Statement From Board of Education President-See Below

Marengo Union Elementary Board of Education
Front Row: Lesley Pace-Vice President, Barb Dochterman, Rick Czepczynski
Back Row: Matt Erbstoesser, Greg Wright-President, Jude Castro, John Wyrostek-Secretary
FOIA Officer - Lea Damisch  email:


The Board of Education of Marengo-Union Elementary Consolidated School District 165 respects the rights of its members and the public to express their opinions in civil and constructive ways on matters of public concern.  It has come to the School District's attention that one of its board members has issued public comments on Facebook and to the local media regarding a zoning petition pending before the City of Marengo, seeking approval of a gun shop and shooting range.  The School District has received numerous inquiries from members of the public because they believe that the board member's comments are reflective of official Board of Education positions in both tone and substance.

It is important to note that while an individual board member has a First Amendment right to speak his or her personal opinion on matters of public concern, no individual board member may speak for, either directly or implicitly, the Board of Education or any other board member.  The Board of Education has not taken an official position with respect to the zoning petition or the City's process in this matter.  Any communication stating or implying the Board of Education has adopted a specific position on these issues is unauthorized and mistaken. 

Greg Wright,
Board of Education of Marengo-Union Elementary Consolidated School Dist. 165

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